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Motion unlocked

We offer speed reducers with unmatched smoothness, accuracy, robustness and safety.

What we do

What we do

We design and manufacture traction speed reducers and motion system solutions. These are applicable to fields such as robotics, machine tools, medical devices and automation.

In a traction drive, efforts are transmitted by smooth surfaces in continuous rolling contact and separated by a film of lubricant. The continuous nature of the contacts allows for a set of unique and highly desirable attributes.



A rolling contact is 10 times quieter than a toothed contact and is not subject to meshing vibrations.

About us

We are engineers and roboticists at heart, located in Montreal, Canada. We wish to help you push the boundaries of motion performance and machine quality. We would love to hear about your application.

About us


Vectis Drive

2050 Dandurand

Suite 402
Montreal QC  H2G 1Y9


We are most grateful for the support of our partners

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